Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cambodian Parent's Unfailing Love - A Family in Need of help

This landmine-affected family has three sons who cannot walk, talk or hear and a daughter that is deaf and mute.

The parents spend their days lovingly caring for these children with NO resources. Thanks to the Canadian Landmine Foundation, they were supplied with all the material to rebuild their new home. They will also receive a bag of rice each month.

Jay and Linda Harrison of Gravenhurst, are supplying a water tank, cow and chickens - a way to make a self-sustainable income and still be able to provide the constant care these children require. These parents spend their days lovingly caring for their children - a business outside of their small village is not a solution.

The first step has been taken - now we will see if anything can be done to improve the quality of the children's lives without taking apart this loving family. Posted by Lisa McCoy, Koas Krala District, Cambodia .

See aminefreeworld on You Tube. Contact to help provide these children with medical help, toys, matts, drawing paper and crayons. We would also like to provide ground-level mobilty devices for the children and special gloves..

Please help us help this family by making a donation of ANY amount at

A Father's Tears of Love for His Deaf & Mute Daughter.

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