Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Banyan Learning Tree Schools and Two Libraries Up and Running in Cambodia!

March 1-25, 2012 - AMFW Update - Three Banyan Learning Tree Schools and Libraries Open in Cambodia

New Photos Added! All THREE SCHOOLS ARE NOW UP AND RUNNING!...Children rode all their Rotary Wheels for Learning, Roundsquare and Toronto Bridge Group Bicycles to attend the 3 new Banyan Learning Tree (BLT) Schools and Libraries this month:

Cambodia 2011 Roundsquare Student Team and Adult Team each funded and built a School at Prokeab. The Ghayoor Family funded the Library at Prokeab.

Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and their Bridge Groups funded the Library at Bakot and the BLT School in Phnom Penh. They also supplied furnishings towards all three schools and libraries as well as funding the computers at the BLT Phnom Penh School! Patti and Barbara have just arrived in Cambodia for a week's visit to all the schools and libraries.

The Rotary Wheels for Learning 2012Team donated supplies and hundreds of Bicycles for Takeo area children.

Robena Kirton of Gravenhurst sponsored books and shelving along with funds from the Roundsquare Teams. Thanks to Scholastic Books for their donation of books.

The 2010 Giant Garage Sale in Muskoka raised funds for the wells and latrines at both sites in Takeo. see

Your donation to A Mine Free World Foundation will help build a Banyan Learning Tree free-education school in rural Cambodia. Outreach projects for landmine-affected families are conducted from each Banyan Learning Tree School - many thanks to the Canadian Landmine Foundation for funding these outreach projects that provide many landmine surviors with new homes, businesses,  vocational courses and suuport for themselves and their families.

Donations, big or small, can be conveniently made through PayPal at: