Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Construction Begins in 5 Days on Kempenfelt Rotary School in Cambodia

It's been 10 months of planning and fundraising and now, in five short days, construction will begin on a Free Education School funded and built the the Rotary Club of Barrie-Kempenfelt, District 7010.

The school will be built in the small village of Daunleb in Svay Chrum District, Svay Rieng province. This small village and the surrounding villages have no electricity. Thanks to Alternative Power from Barrie, Ontario, the school will have solar power, ans so will 10 other village families. CEO, Steve Culbert, will be coming over with the team to do the installation himself.

The team of 28 Rotarians and Friends, under Mike and MaryAnne Kinsey, are flying over right now from various parts of Ontario and will begin arriving here at Phnom Penh airport in 3 hours!

There will be local labor helping us out over the next three weeks as the school is built. They have been onsite since the beginning of December - first, the landfill team, then the fence-post team of two, and now, the construction manager Noun Amey and his three laborers that will help our team along.

A big thanks goes to Sophea Keo, who has been organizing many facets of this project! Sophea will be the school's first teacher.

Sophea Keo

January 6th, 2014:

The Water Tower is up and inside toilet pits dug at the KEMPENFELT ROTARY SCHOOL BUILDING SITE IN CAMBODIA. In 3 hours, the first 6 of a team of 28 arrive here in Cambodia to begin building a school in a small village in Svay Rieng province. Construction begins Sunday. Mike Kinsey and MaryAnne Cameron-Kinsey and most of their team of Rotarians and Friends arrive here tomorrow. Many thanks to Noun Amey and Sophea Keo for organizing the local labour.

January 4th, 2015:

CONSTRUCTION SET-UP Began here today in Daunleb village, Svay Rieng district, Cambodia, where a team of 31 Rotarians & Friends from the BARRIE-KEMPENFELT ROTARY CLUB, District 7010, under Mike Kinsey and MaryAnne Cameron-Kinsey , will begin to build a school later this week! The team starts arriving in 3 days to begin construction of a School that will provide free English classes and basic sanitation classes to children in three surrounding villages. The school will also provide outreach programs for landmine survivors and the impoverished. The local labor arrived onsite today to prepare the school-building site.

In December 2014, the two-stall latrine was completed and well dug:

Bookmark this blogsite and over the next three weeks, you'll see a school built!