Sunday, July 22, 2012

GIANT GARAGE SALE Proceeds to Provide 850 Mosquito Nets to Rural Families in Cambodia

An arena bursting with donations from all over Muskoka realized over

$5,200.00 being raised for much-needed mosquito nets for rural

Cambodian families.
Kitchen & Appliance Section of Sale
The 7th annual Giant Garage Sale, held at the Gravenhurst Curling Club

on July 7th and 8th was a record-breaker in funds raised due to the

combined efforts of so many - over 30 volunteers, 7 'truckers' who

hauled all the items to the arena, Muskoka Transport who gathered all

the donations from Bracebridge, the Gravenhurst Curling Club and all

those who went out of their way to donate fabulous items.

Organizers Lisa McCoy and Linda Harrison want to thank everyone

invloved - It was hard work.
Len Kurtz and Nina Cole from Toronto
and their Organized Garage Sale 'Book Shop'

Funds raised for A Mine Free World Foundation,

are being sent to Cambodia this coming week. An order for 850

treated family-sized mosquito nets has been placed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On July 26th, families in two rural communes in Takeo province will receive the nets.

Banyan Learning Tree Team members will conduct the distibution.

One net will protect a family of four against Malaria and many other mosquito-borne

Jim & Marlyn Goodwin Work Steady on Cash all Day Saturday
Hard-working Volunteer Joanne Twist Prices Some Items

If you missed this Giant Sale, you can help children in Cambodia by

attending a Spectacular All-day Bridge Event that will be held at the Gravenhurst Seniors Centre on September 27th. North American Bridge Masters Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee will be giving their first Muskoka Bridge Seminar which includes a lunch, door prizes, silent
auction, and much more.

All proceeds to the Canadian Landmine Foundation for rural schools in Cambodia. For more info contact Linda Harrison 705-687-7679 or Lisa McCoy 705-687-8538.

Next posting first week of August 2012, with photos of the mosquito net distribution.

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