Monday, December 19, 2011

Three New Schools for Cambodia!

AMFW Lisa McCoy with the Round Square Student Team 2011
in front of Their Completed School
in Prokeab village, Cambodia
Students from Round Square and their Nearly Completed School!
December 20th - Construction Day 8!
School Building Project Funded & Built by
In Collaboration with A Mine Free World Foundation, Canada
& Banyan Learning Tree in Cambodia

Round Square (RS) 'Brighter Beginnings' School in Prokeab, Takeo
Built by 21 international student team members.
December 19th Bicycle Distribution Ceremony:
The First 80 of over 200 Bicycles Sponsored by RS Students, Adults and Their Supporting Schools.

Round Square Students Design Sign for Their Constructed School

Round Square Student Team Leader David MacLellan (Canada) and
AMFW Exec. Director Lisa McCoy at Dec. 19th
Bicycle Distribution Ceremony at 'Brighter Beginnings'.


                                  Round Square Adult Leadership Training Team and Their Completed
                                    'Happy Gecko' School in Bakot, Takeo Province.
                       Under 'Happy Gecko' Sign: RSIS Project Manager Liz Gray and RS Exec Director Brian Dawson
RSIS Students in Early Phase of School Construction-
Lots of digging, shoveling, hand-mixing cement -
International Students Providing 'Sweat Equity' for the Education of Rural Cambodian Children.

In early December, 21 students arrived in Cambodia from participating  international Round Square Schools to build a school at the Banyan Learning Tree Centre located in Prokeab village, Takeo province, Cambodia.

Countries represented include Kenya, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India and England. Their Team Leaders are David McLellan (Canada) and Sonia Christian (South Africa).

Their 'Sweat Equity' Trip not only included building a school in rural Cambodia, but to also to participate in many of the cultural aspects of Cambodia. This included, visiting many of Cambodia's historical sights, learning a bit of the language, and social interaction with Khmer students.

A major hightlight of their trip was the 'Bicycle and Chicken Distribution Ceremony' which was held on December 19th.  The RS students had raised a few thousand dollars towards bikes and chickens for needy children and families. These were presented to the recipients at a grand distribution ceremony presided by the local Commune Leader, Mr. San Keoun.

It has been a pleasure for me to spend each day with these amazing students dedicated to provide education for the rural children in Takeo province. We all plan to celebrate this grand accomplishment by spending Christmas at the beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
Banyan Learning Tree School - Outskirts of Phnom Penh -
Nearing Completion!
School Building Project Funded by Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram
& Their Bridge Groups from Toronto, Canada.
A Mine Free World Foundation Project supported by
The Canadian Landmine Foundation

Two Library Building Projects Slated for January 2012!

Many Thanks to Donors Asif and Wendy Ghayoor for funding the Library/Computer Resource Building at Prokeab village in Takeo Province.

Thanks to the generosity of Asif and Wendy Ghayoor (who raised half the funds and personally donated the other half), the rural children and adults will have a wonderful new community resource at the Banyan Learning Tree Centre in Prokeab village, Takeo province, Cambodia.

The "Calogero and Luke Puma Library" will be an integral part of the Banyan Learning Tree Centre, enabling children and adults to access books and resources in Khmer and English.
Computers in the library will provide students with access to information with basic computer skills taught. Construction on this first-of-its-kind project for Prokeab will commence January, 2012.

A second, big thanks to Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and their enthusiastic Bridge Players from the Toronto School of Bridge.

Their amazing fundraising efforts have realized the new Banyan Learning Tree School on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, and continues with their sponsorship of a Library/Computer Resource Centre at the Bakot School Site.

Project to commence January 2012.

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