Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inspiring Sounds & Huntsville Students Raise Funds for Bicycles!

I was delighted and honored to be the guest speaker at the May 29th Concert put on by Muskoka area talented young musicians at the Inspiring Sounds Music Studio Annual Spring Concert .

These fabulous students entertained a large audience at the Bracebridge United Church with voice and piano, under the expert direction of their talented teacher, Wing Chow.

Featured Guest performers for the show were 'Just 8' - vocal ensemble under the direction of pianist and arranger, George Kadwell.

All put their talents and efforts together to help those less fortunate in a small country on the other side of the world! At this concert, $577.50 was raised towards 100 Bicycles for the Muskoka School Children in Cambodia - a project of A Mine Free World Foundation

Many thanks to Wing Chow, 'Just 8' and all the talented performers who are providing less fortunate children with this valuable transportation to school.

I will certainly be attending their next concert - I have never had such an entertaining afternoon!

Inspiring Sounds Music Studio

These aren't the only students who have done some wonderful fundraising for the cause. The 2008-09 students at Huntsville Public School raised $150 for Muskoka School Bicycles through their fundraising efforts under the direction of teacher Alana Hall.

Students helping students a half a world away!

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