Friday, April 30, 2010

'A Mine Free World Foundation' - Update, Fundraisers & Events for Cambodia

Time has gone by quickly since my April 1st return from six months in Cambodia!

On Monday, April 12th, I was pleased to give my first presentation to The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst. The presentation was covered by COGECO and focused on the Muskoka School Official Inauguration Ceremony in Cambodia, the 276 bicycles that were distributed to poor rural children, two small rural school-building projects, Ketsana flood relief, educational support for student landmine survivors and many of the other projects and programs implemented there.

Friday, April 9th, I was interviewed by the ‘A Channel’, who was also interested to hear all about the Muskoka School Inauguration and the bicycles that were distributed in Cambodia.

Sunday, April 25th, I attended the Rotary District 7010 PETS & Assembly and Youth Exchange Training in North Bay. I gave a presentation there encompassing all the projects that were implemented in Cambodia this past winter.

I am always happy to give a presentation to any groups interested in hearing about volunteer efforts, projects and programs of benefit to the impoverished in the developing country of Cambodia. I have a PowerPoint presentation that introduces the country, its gentle smiling people and children, and accounts of the many resulting rewarding experiences that can be had by getting involved through volunteerism ‘on-the-ground’ in the rural areas of this small SE Asian country.

To arrange a presentation for your group, please contact me at 705-687-8538, or email: . Or – Perhaps I’ll see you at one of the following events and fundraisers planned:

Rotary Club of Etobicoke
Night of 1000 Dinners Event
Friday, May 7, 2010 6:00 PM

At: Active Green and Ross Headquarters
580 Evans Avenue, Toronto
To RSVP: contact Hugh Williams 416-738-9583

The Event
The Rotary Club of Etobicoke is having a social, fundraising “Night of 1000 Dinners” event on Friday, May 7 starting at 6:00 to raise money for landmine eradication.
Our guest speakers, Maria Almudevar-van Santen and Lisa McCoy of A Mine Free World Foundation ( will provide a unique and powerful view into this issue and their work in Cambodia.
Dinner and wine are being provided and prepared by Ralph Chiodo and family.
Cost for dinner is only $60 per person. Receipts will be provided.
The Need
The global landmine crisis is one of the most pervasive problems facing the world today. There are many millions of landmines in the ground in at least 70 countries. Landmines reportedly maim or kill 10,000 civilians every year. Those victims that survive endure a lifetime of physical, psychological, and economic hardship.
The Menu !

1. Antipasto

o Parmigiano Reggiano

o Friuliano

o Salami, Capicolla

o Articokes

o Olives

2. Prima pasta:

o Pasta Faggioli (Pasta & Bean Soup)

3. Seconda Pasta

o Penne Rigate in a meat sauce

4. Terza Pasta

o Fusilli Tre Colori (Three Colour Pasta with Peas and Shrimp)

5. Salciccia alla Pizzaiola

6. Insalata Mista (Mixed Green Salad)

7. Dolci (Dessert)

8. Caffe (coffee)

9. Frutta (Fruit)

Vino Bianco (White Wine)
Vino Rosso (Red Wine)

Inspiring Sounds Music Studio - Annual Spring Concert 2010 – May 29, 2pm Bracebridge United Church
Children in Muskoka Perform to Raise funds for Children in Cambodia

Young musicians from across Muskoka are set to go on stage in the sixth annual spring concert hosted by Inspiring Sounds Music Studio. The concert takes place at Bracebridge United Church on May 29th (Sat) at 2 p.m. It will feature performances by young musicians under the direction of music specialist Wing Chow.

Pianists and vocalists will treat the audience to a variety of pieces from different musical styles in solo, duet and ensembles. The concert will include a wide variety of selections designed for the entire family. Performances will include children’s songs, classic favourites, Broadway tunes and popular music repertoires such as Star War, Beauty and the Beast, Thank You for the Music (ABBA), Ode to Joy (Beethoven), Entertainer (Joplin) and much more.

Students will also perform pieces that earned them gold medals and scholarships from the Kiwanis Music Festival in April, including their very own composition works. This year, there are 30 students attended the Kiwanis Music Festival for both piano and vocal classes. They have received total 34 Gold medals, 2 trophies and 2 scholarships. They will be attending the Stars of Festival on May 31 at Orillia Opera House to receive the awards and scholarships.

At the end of the concert, the guest performers from “Just 8” vocal group will perform some Jazz tunes to audiences.

Tickets can be purchased at the door starting at 1:00 p.m. The tickets are Adult $10.00, Student $5.00 and Children under 6 years of age are Free. Any excess profit from the ticket sales will be donated to the non-profit organization, A Mine Free World Foundation, for helping children in Cambodia.

Inspiring Sounds Music Studio will continue to offer private piano and vocal instructions for all ages and small group classes for young children. Call the director for details of the Early Bird registration and other special discounts for group classes. The next Fall registration will start in June. Call 705-646-9791 or visit

I’ll be attending this concert and will give a short presentation at the beginning. Many thanks to Wing Chow, director of Inspiring Sounds Music Studio, pianist and arranger, George Kadwell and the rest of my friends with ‘Just 8’ who have generously donated their time and talents for this event. It is always a delight to watch our talented young performers in Muskoka.

Rotary Club Of Aurora - Monday June 14th

Many Thanks to fellow Rotarians down at The Rotary Club of Aurora for their invitation to attend their meeting. I'll be giving my 'Projects in Cambodia' presentation to their members. They meet 6:15 at Gabriel's Cafe, south of Wellington St. on Yonge St.

Inviting All Women!

Womyn’s Way Drop In – Tuesday, June 8th – 10am to noon - Huntsville - at 494 Muskoka Road #3 North (about 1/2 km past the hospital, on the left hand side, across from the cemetery, beside Tebby Heating. I’ll be giving my visual presentation ‘Winter in Cambodia’ there. This program is open to all women and I hope to see you there!

Daphne’s Drop In – Monday, July 12th – 9:30am to noon. That’s the day I’ll be giving my ‘Winter in Cambodia’ presentation to my friends up there. This program is open to all women, so come and meet us there. ********* REFRESHMENTS AND SNACKS AVAILABLE *********Learn to make new friends. Learn new skills. Laugh. Enjoy life. Located at the Women’s Resource Centre 29 Manitoba St. Bracebridge. For information call ******* 646-2122 ******* or

The above ‘Drop Ins’ are open to all women and have fantastic weekly meetings covering many interesting topics. Be sure to Drop In any week!

Giant Garage Sale in July—You can Donate Items Now!

Everyone has been asking me if there will be a ‘Giant Garage Sale’ again this summer – YES! It will be held in July in Gravenhurst, and donations are coming in already. This year, money raised will go towards bicycles for children at the ‘Muskoka School’, and towards supplies for two small rural schools in Cambodia. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer or if you have some new or gently-used items that you would like to donate.

There are many more ‘A Mine Free World Foundation’ events planned to provide bicycles, educational support, school support and support for landmine survivors. Become a follower of this blogsite! In the meantime, here are ways YOU can help a child in Cambodia:

How you can help:

- Provide educational support for a landmine survivor

- Donate a Bicycle for a needy rural student - $50

- Support a rural School Project

- Provide a Sewing business for a rural woman - $125 – we need 2 machines for Beng Donpa village in Siem Reap District.

- Come and Volunteer in rural schools and/or Distribute Bicycles in Cambodia. I am now looking for interested Rotarians and Friends who may want to get involved in joining me in some rewarding volunteer work this winter in Cambodia – contact me now. I can help arrange your, or your group’s transportation, accommodation and volunteer efforts on the ground in Cambodia!

- Your donation of even $5 can go a long way in providing toothbrushes and toothpaste for rural Cambodian children in the new 'Rural Dental Hygiene Education Project' to be implemented this October in Cambodia. Siem Reap Dentist, Dr. Khom Pisal will be accompanying our team into rural areas during bicyle distributions to provide this valuable hygiene education and dental supplies to rural children and adults.

- Hold a Fundraising Event for ‘A Mine Free World Foundation’ projects in Cambodia

- Donate Items to our ‘Annual Giant Garage Sale’ (Call 705-687-8538)

- Donate a good used laptop for a Cambodian student

- Please send a Donation to:

‘A Mine Free World Foundation’
906 Fung Place
Kitchener, Ontario
N2A 4M3


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