Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Annual Muskoka Bridge Event to Raise Funds for Cambodian Schools


vea rak said...

Bad affect long-term life of B-class Electric car
Leading to cars sale in Phnom Penh MG Cambodia said, the new Electric car of Mercedes-Benz' was show more feature to the public that some feature was not show in highlighted.
It let the drivers press a button on the console and unlock. Then, it was extra 17 mile on the next charge cycle and provides115 miles of driving.
Anyway it was provided the long-term life, but according to the particular battery chemistry, overcharge and regular deep cycle can provide the bad affect in the future for charge capacity.
Moreover, range extender will be able used with the limited basis and shorten battery life, and its button show to put some of the battery-management power back in hand

worldjonh said...

The Romantic Restaurant

According to furniture shop in Phnom Penh
construction materials reported, the romantic restaurant was décor by nature.

One more thing, this restaurant will be a little heaven for the diner, it is expressed in the store’s interior, make the diner feeling great, relax, and romantic in the harmony of nature.

Moreover it has warm tones and textures of natural oak wood flooring, which combined with a mixture of delicate white and pastel tones.

Indeed this restaurant was designed with romantic pink color of the walls, which is the basis for the beautiful décor of white twisted canvas ceiling bands, cloud of lamps and creative paintings on the walls.

emratha bong said...

The Modern Contemporary Family Home

This project focuses on the creation a modern contemporary family home, according to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials cited.

One more thing this project needed to complete the clients’ love of pleasant, their extensive artwork collection and desire to connect to the natural environment outside.

Anyway the interior and exterior living and entertaining spaces site side by side on the ground level which is separated by floor to ceiling glass walls and sliding doors.

In this way the doors open to a 25 m lap pool that runs the length of the building and provides natural cooling to the living areas.