Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cambodia Landmine Survivor Success Story - A Compressor for Nil Noy's Rural Bicycle Repair Business

Click on the above photo to see a web album of Nil Noy and the compressor he will receive tomorrow.

Ever since landmine survivor Nil Noy received his Rotary Club of Etobicoke sponsored bicycle repair business, he has been going bananas fixing and even building bicycles from scratch! He is a man on a mission to lift his family of 8 out of poverty. He is proud of the bicycles he builds and sells. His home is on a busy road on the way to Koas Krala in Battambang district.

His business will improve vastly now with this brand new compressor which will enable him to not only pump up bicycle tires, but also moto and tractor tires. He will make 200, 500 and 1000 riel respectively for each tire he pumps up for a customer. - A Mine Free World Foundation - dedicated to improve the lives of landmine survivors in Cambodia. Watch his compressor fire up at:

In return for his compressor, Nil Noy will 'pay it forward' buy building 3-5 bicycles a year for children of landmine survivors in his area - enabling them to get to school!

Nil Noy's compressor was loaded onto a moto trailer and will make it's way to Koas Krala tomorrow with a truckload of 70 Rotary Wheels for Learning bicycles.

Donate today to lift a landmine survivor out of poverty - see the 'To Donate' tab at the top of this page.

Watch Nil Noy Smile as Battambang Rotarian Samrithy
fires up his new compressor generously donated by
Jay and Linda Harrison of Gravenhurst, Ontario

Nil Noy Receives Compressor in Koas Krala and is now ready for  lots of business!

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