Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cambodian ‘Muskoka School’ Students Receive Bicycles

Christmas has come two days early to 20 students here in Ta Trav village in rural Siem Reap province.

This past summer, a Giant Garage Sale was held at the Curling Club in Gravenhurst, resulting in US$3,500.00 raised for 100 bicycles for area children at the Muskoka School in Cambodia.

Thanks to the generosity of Muskoka citizens and Rotary Clubs, a bicycle project is now in place for 100 area children who lack the transportation to get to school.

The project saw funds raised through A Mine Free World Foundation . The organization on the ground here in Cambodia handling the distribution program is the US Charity ‘The Trailblazer Foundation’

Many Thanks to Scott and Chris Coats and Ung Rattana of the Trailblazer Foundation for the implementation of the project here in Cambodia.

Today saw the second lot of twenty bicycles distributed to students at the school here. Most of the students who received bicycles were those that will be going to a secondary school next year. At the Bicycle Distribution Ceremony, the Commune Chief urged them to use these bicycles to continue and further their education.

The ‘Muskoka School’ was built by the Trailblazer Foundation in 2009. Muskoka residents and Rotary Clubs raised over US$20,000 towards this school-building project.

Two more days to go until Christmas Day – when Pauline and I will be on a flight to Luang Prabang in Laos to meet fellow-Rotarian Steve Rutledge from Ontario who is building schools and providing clean water to the villages in the hills there. I’ll be there one month. Check Steve’s blog:

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