Sunday, August 15, 2010

Etobicoke Rotary Club Sponsors Children from Landmine-Affected Families in Rural Cambodia

A Mine Free World Foundation (AMFWF), , would like to thank the Rotary Club Of Etobicoke, District 7070, for their generous educational/vocational support for rural landmine-affected families in Cambodia. Their total donation of $5,000 ($2,500 earlier this year and another $2,500 this past week) for landmine survivors, and another donation of $2,781 for a Four-Month Meal Plan for 76  children in Cambodia will provide much-needed support that rural familes in Cambodia cannot afford. Three more children received Bicycles, School Uniforms and Supplies this past week.

The Rotary Club of Etobicoke has now supported 5 children on the outskirts of Phnom Penh with bicycles, uniforms, books, school bags and supplies. They are also supporting 2 sisters from a landmine-affected family in Siem Reap - Theary, age 17 and Sampous Jouen, age 7who are living and learning under the care of AMFWF Khmer Team Member Chea Socheat and family in a house provided by AMFWF board member Pauline Johns.  Thank you Khemra for your help too!

The Rotary Club of Etobicoke is supporting Theary and Sampous with meals, clothes, bicycles and school supplies.  They have provided Theary with a sewing machine and supplies, and a professional sewing course at a local seamstress shop which Theary is enjoying immensely!

You too can provide a sewing machine business for a rural woman in Cambodia for a donation of $125 to AMFWF.

Of Special Note to Rotarians - On August 23rd, Chris Snyder of the Rotary Club of Toronto will be the special guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst Meeting.  He's participated in and led  'Sweat Equity' trips into many developing countries.  He'll be showing a DVD on this past winter's trip of 20 Rotarian's and friends to Cambodia and will tell you about a return trip in the making for the fall of 2011.

Chris is also on the board of the Canadian Landmine Foundation, and will speak a little about the work this organization does.   The meeting begins at noon at the Regatta Restaurant down at Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst.

Many thanks again to the ladies of Daphne's Drop In at the Women's Resource Center in Bracebridge, Ontario for providing such a business to a rural woman.  I'll be happily giving out that donation personally when I head to Cambodia the beginning of October.

A BIG PERSONAL THANK YOU to Jay and Linda Harrison of Gravenhurst, Ontario who surprised me this past week by donating $1,010 to pay for my airfare to Cambodia!  They had just finished a work project for Don and Mimi Gillies of Gravenhurst and had decided to donate their work efforts towards my airfare.

My on-the-ground transportation in Cambodia will be my sturdy new STRIDA bicycle donated by Steve Inniss at Saved By Bikes. Check out his blog at: .

Being a self-funded volunteer, I appreciate and am thankful for the support I receive.

Director Om Chamnap of AMFWF supported school - Banyan Learning Tree - on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, is shown in 2 of the picasa web albums giving the donations to children living in 3 surrounding villages. Your Donation of $85 can supply a child with these needed items for school. Contact for information on how you can support the child of a landmine survivor in Cambodia through A Mine Free World Foundation.

To view all three picasa web albums of Etobicoke Rotary sponsored students please see:

More updates on the Rotary-sponsored Meal Plan In the Takeo village of Trapeang Tum Tbong in my next blog posting.  AMFWF Team Member Un Vanthon is on his way there now to implement the project with local teacher Ban Ven.

A big AMFWF Etobicoke Rotary sponsored project is on the horizon for Battambang Province - the most heavily mined area in Cambodia.  This province has the most landmine casulties in Cambodia and the greatest need for educational/vocational support for landmine survivors and their families.  The project will be implemented in November when Pauline Johns arrives in Cambodia to volunteer with me.  Un Vanthon is laying the groundwork for this project now.

October is fast approaching and I am looking for donations of  good used LAPTOPS, DIGITAL CAMERAS and READING GLASSES.

To donate, please contact me at:

Thank you Everyone!

Lisa McCoy - Executive Director, AMFWF
Maria van Santen -  President, AMFWF


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