Monday, June 28, 2010



We Need Donations of New/Used Items - Volunteers Also!
Rent a Table to Sell Your Own Items - for a minimun Donation of $25

5th Annual Giant Garage Sale and Flea Market For Cambodian Children
Saturday July 10, 7:30am & Sunday July 11, 9am
Gravenhurst Curling Club

Help us raise money for 100 bicycles for the ‘Muskoka School’ Children in Cambodia!
Contact: Lisa & Carl 687-8538 or Jay & Linda 687-7679 or:

'A Mine Free World Foundation' Fundraiser!

Our annual garage sales have raised funds to help build the 6-room rural government ‘Muskoka School’ in Cambodia, and last year we raised US$2,000 for 400 school uniforms and shoes for the students attending the school.

This year, Gravenhurst residents Carl and Lisa McCoy and Jay and Linda Harrison are hoping to raise US$3,500 for 100 bicycles for ‘Muskoka School’ area children who lack this necessary transportation to get to school. This is a collaborative project of the non-profit organizations ‘A Mine Free World Foundation’ and by the ‘Trailblazer Foundation’, who pulled their efforts together to get the ‘Muskoka School’ built.

The giant sale will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 10th and 11th, doors open at 7:30am, at the Gravenhurst Curling Club. Your donations of new or good, used items are needed. Volunteers are needed for sale dates and ambitious volunteers are needed to help us move items into the Curling Club on Friday, July 9th.

This year, we are adding a flea market component to the sale. For a minimum donation of $25, you can have a table and floor space to sell your own items!

Many Thanks to the artistic talents of Dan Blix for creating our A Mine Free Wolrd Foundation logo pictured on our header.  It is of the 'Rumdul' - the national flower of the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Dan's graphic talents have also created all our AMFWF posters and handouts.  See more of his artistry at:

Dan's Advertising Design:
Dan's Pet Portraits:

To donate items, volunteer or have some space to sell your own goodies contact Carl and Lisa McCoy at 687-8538 or Jay and Linda Harrison at 687-7679, or email I's also like to take this opportunity to welcome Pauline Johns of Bowral, NSW, Australia to the Board of 'A Mine Free World Foundation'.(AMFWF) Pauline has given her heart and soul to help the impoverished children of Cambodia for several years now.

I've had the priviledge to work along side her in Cambodia for 2 years now. She has been an invaluable 'on the ground' help in all the bicycle distributions.

Providing much-needed local volunteer help with bicycle distributions, are AMFWF Team Members Un Vanthon and family from Phnom Penh and Socheat Chea and family of Siem Reap.  They act as facilitators, interpreters and monitors of all bike distributions.  They are all committed to making a difference to the lives of the rural children and landmine victims of Cambodia.

Next posting will highlight some amazing contributions from the Rotary Club of Etobicoke that have funded a Meal Plan for 76 rural children in rural Takeo province, and their Night Of A Thousand Dinners event which raised $5,000 for the support of landmine survivors in rural Cambodia.

For $50 - you can provide a bicycle for a rural child in Cambodia!  This bicycle will provide the child with transportation to school.  You will receive a photo and biographical information of your sponsored bicycle recipient.  Contact me at: for more info.

Many Thanks,
Maria van Santen & Lisa McCoy
A Mine Free World Foundation